Genuinely, I want to thank you for your help, and if I feel I need more, I always know where to find you. But for now I am confident that I am doing well myself. 

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My Values and Beliefs

I believe that my work is my life's purpose! I am pleased that 95%of my clients are referred to me by past clients.

I believe that when a client walks through my door they should feel respected, experience non-judgement and know they are genuinely cared for.

I passionately believe that that everyone is individual and unique and this requires a unique and individual application of therapeutic treatment that leads to a sucessful therapy outcome.

I also believe that it is vital to treat the underlying cause not just the presenting symptom, in order to create and maintain permanent positive change.

I believe that we are all ' work in progress' . . .

I believe we are what we think - we create our own reality

I believe that achieving a better life, and experiencing more joy, is what our true destiny is!

We can all create a better reality for ourselves and all those that we meet on our life's path
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Your Inside Story - a unique, individualised service from Lynda Thornton-Hunt 


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